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What is Podcasting?

Anyone that records a series of regular programs, compresses them into an easily downloadable form, then makes them available as an RSS feed, is a podcaster. Anyone that goes to a podcast site, a podcast list or an index on a podcast aggregator program like Itunes and subscribes can download each new show in that series as it comes out, automatically. These programs can be, and are, any audio from music to talk, NPR radio programs in podcast form, to self-produced rants on any subject. There are new categories of podcasts every day and some lists will give people the ability to search “tags” which are reference to the content. Download a podcast client of your choice and listen. Some people listen to podcast or their computers. Others download them to their MP3 players or burn them onto CDs so that they can be heard away from their computers.

Subscribe The Hard Way

The easy way to subscribe is to go here.

Here's a pdf that shows how (1Mb)

There is a "subscribe" button on my website. It will automatically subscribe anyone that has iTunes already. Here are more specific instructions on how to subscribe using iTunes.

1. Download iTunes. http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/ and install if you haven't already. though there are liks for other ways to subscibe, and other "aggregator" programs, I suggest this because it well known and can act as your "download scheduler" or "podcast aggregator" for all podcasts. It will automatically download the newest podcasts of the shows to which you may subscribe and has a catalogue of podcasts that have been accepted by iTunes. The Show is listed there. All you need to do is go to "podcast" and search for it or:

2. Copy this feed address:


3. Launch iTunes and pull down the "advanced" menu from the top.

4. Choose "Subscribe to podcast" from that menu and paste the above feed address into the the window that opens up. Click "OK"

5. This should subscribe you.

6. If you see a subscribe button next to the show name, click it. (I don't think you will.)

7. A triangle should appear to the left of the show name. Click it and the four shows we have posted will appear under it.

8. To the right of those show names that do not automatically download, should appear "get" buttons. Click them to download each of the shows.

9. You should be able to listen to them by clicking any of the shows. Let me know if you have any problems.


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