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We are excited to be at our new home at 9 Muses Acoustic Tavern at 2715 SE Belmont Street
Portland, Oregon 97214 (503) 236-3848
. It's a beautiful room for music and has a big screen where we are projecting Second Life. We wil be presenting the live 'taping' at about 7pm.

Poetry from Portland SecondLife residents 4/13/07.


The Shows

Trick Sensei's trick is the ambient interpay of dreamy guitar effects and throbbing rhythm. A hot summer night in a Portland hipster bar with only somewhat subdued passion. This is 'lose yourself' music, it builds and washes over. tricksensei.com
Recorded 06/03/07
RMC #146|RMC #147

Brad Creel mixes clever and humorous lyrics with a clean country feel assisted by Andy Lohr on a variety of instuments. Warm and personable, Brad is a straight up guy we really enjoy. He does "dark music with a happy feel" Brad Creel.com
Recorded 05/27/07
RMC #144|RMC #145

Brent Rogers suffers through our early SL streaming and tech problems. The music is great and he has a wonderful smooth voice. These songs are beautifully constructed and completely pro. We haven't posted in a while, but we will I promise. BrentRogers.com
recorded 05/13/07
RMC #142|RMC #143

Dave Lamkins and Mary Suzanne are all doped up with cold medicine and secrets. She is better known to the podcast and Discord Grrl and has been a regular and a contributor. Er.... Dave is her husband. myspace.com/discordgrrl or lamkins.net
recorded 05/06/07
RMC #140|RMC #141

Meredith Brothers Band churns out a drunken country grind that sticks to your ribs. These are neighborhood stories through a haze of cigarette smoke and stark reality. Great performances are wryly tossed off like used matches. meredithbrothersband.com
recorded 04/29/07
RMC #138|RMC #139

Frogg Marlowe and Jaycatt Nico are argueably among the most popular live music performers in Second Life. They were among the first to play there and have a huge and faithful following. Many Second Lifers were in the club. It was amazing. froggmarlowe.com jaycattnico.com
recorded 04.22.07
RMC #136|RMC #137

Mark Martin brings pure classic finger picking style to The Circus. Clean and beautiful he plays a gorgeous sounding guitar so clearly it seems to echo through the ages. Included are cuts from his album with Norm Ault. Available at NormAult.com
recorded 04.15.07
RMC #134|RMC #135

Dusty York Trio. Dusty and his sidemen do the hard way. Complex heads, daring choruses, agressive solos, and tough ensemble performance. Dusty talks of influences and shares a cut from his CDs. Lovingly brash hard core jazz. No fooling around. diaticrecord.com
recorded 04.08.07
RMC #132|RMC # 133

Lincoln Crockett returns to the podcast with his goosebump voice and acoustic prog-rock mandolin. Please excuse the pops and drops, but hear this anyway. He is a new father and a brave young philosopher. His latest album available at LincolnCrockett.com
recorded 04.01.07
RMC #130|RMC #131

Moonshine Hangover with a special remote edition of the RoseDrop Media Circus. Recorded at the Coon Poo Dojo, this is a party, with some real authentic country punks. Tell me this shitkicking doesn't rock! moonshinehangover.com
recorded 03.31.07
RMC #128|RMC #129

Ruby Red bring in a big setup and a bigger sound. The songs of Robin Brantley crackle with conviction. The band is solid and muscular with a real genuine middle american style. This feels like how we talk around here. www.RubyRedMusic.com
recorded 03.18.07
RMC #126|RMC #127

Dan and Aaron play songs from previous shows and struggle with new surroundings and an overworked computer.
recorded 03.11.07
RMC #124|RMC #125

George Reeves braves the tempist storms of the RoseDrop Media Circus at Beuhlaland Pub and the addition of Second Life to the show. Listen for some low tech productions of his street level music. myspace.com/George Reeves
recorded 03.04.07
RMC #122|RMC #123

New Year's Eve at the Rose and RainDrop Pub. Rose and Raindrop Pub closes. Testimonials, ghost stories, memories and other whining about the demise of many people's favorite bar. Yes, I got drunk that night. Download part two to get the drunker part.
recorded 12.31.06
RMC #120|RMC #121

Lew Jones comes back for our last music show recorded at our beloved Rose & Raindrop Pub. Lew is simply a songwriting giant who has quietly amassed a huge catelogue of widely varied and gorgeously lyrical work. LewJonesAct.com
recorded 12.17.06
RMC #118|RMC#119

Paul Koenig came in for a second appearance since May. These songs span his writing career. If his deep rich voice and classic guitar solo guitar playing weren't enough, the startling, incisive lyrics left us speechless. A must hear. myspace.com/therealpaulkoenig
recorded 12.10.06
RMC #116|RMC #117

The Bull Dozers are Lon and Dale Jones, Jeff Woodcock, and Dan Pettis. These brothers and friends sometimes sound like the Beach Boys, with Steely Dan and Jimmy Buffett singing songs by Kinky Friedman. They sound great! Please visit Thundercrow.com
recorded 12.03.06
RMC #114|RMC #115

Wayne Hoffman returns after a hard drive ate his first show. It's a pleasure hearing his songs about weather, time, and his grandfather's accordian. When you listen, think of the honesty and humility that you appreciate in folks like this.
recorded 11.26.06
RMC #112|RMC #113

Rexella is a noise music band brought to the Circus by one of it's members Evan Hart who shows us this wildly experimental and creative eddy in music. Skirting dance music rhythms and flying in the face of pop, just listen. myspace.com/rexella2
recorded 11.19.06
RMC #110|RMC #111

Jim the Bad Goat marks the return of Dave Clarke with his expanded ensemble. Dave's great songs and wonderful post modern bluegrass mix fresh harmonies and and wonderful playing with wry humor. Hear a celebration of humble grace. myspace.com/frickdeedom
recorded 11.12.06
RMC #108|RMC #109

Aflame is an incendiary mix of hard rock and dark passion. Comtempory melodic guiters and sultry vocals atop tough chugging rhythms feature the vocals of Jessica Hemlke, guitar by John Bostich, with Colin Ivey and Kevin Baker. myspace.com/aflameband
recorded 11.05.06
RMC #106|RMC #107

See Emily Pray brought their darkness to the Circus with live unplugged versions and recordings from their demo. Discordgrrl finally convinced the band to come and they took us to a scary place. Love this band or it will hurt you! myspace.com/SeeEmilyPray
recorded 10.29.06
RMC #104|RMC #105

David Lamkins is a long time RMC audience member who brings a beautiful custom guitar and cool recordings featuring 'Rat Boy' a song written about a sociopathic co-worker. This was a fun evening. myspace.com/tiedyeddevil
recorded October 22
RMC #102|RMC #103

Molli Paige Band is jazzy, rocking, funky, and contemporary. This is a clean professional unit and ready to roll. Molli's songs feature her classic brassy voice and heartfelt lyrics. Give it up to life! MySpace.com/theMolliPaigeBand
recorded October 15
RMC #100|RMC #101

Gabe Rozzell sings softly. He understates the pain in his songs in a way that makes it more poignant. This is someone who sings for the rest of us, the quiet ones. myspace.com/gabrielrozzell
recorded October 8
RMC #098|RMC #099

Alexa Wiley is a nexus for many of RMC's artists. She is a poet and activist. These songs speak of awareness, spirit, and strength. The passion an artist can feel for the people and nature around her is evident. AlexaWiley.com GanglingVirtuoso.org
recorded October 1
RMC #096|RMC #097

Sneakathon is the voice of the future. This is post-modern craziness no-holds-barred. This trio rocks hard, is insentive to inhibition and are psychedelic, grungy, lyrically intense, and silly. DJ Shirley, Jess and Eric, DAMN! Myspace.com/sneakathon
recorded September 24
RMC #094|RMC #095

Hearts of Oak feature the songs of Nate Wallace with Andy Sheie and Marilee Hord. Beautiful understated still lifes. Painted with guitar, banjo and fiddle, are pictures of the country and the hearts of the people. MySpace.com/NateWallace or the-RCMP.com
recorded September 17
RMC #092|RMC #093

Black Sedan featuring the songs of Mark Lynch. Dan on guitar, Aaron on drums, Mark on bass, and Mike Zitzer on woodwinds celebrate the beginning of the second season of the RoseDrop Media Circus with many of our previous guests. Out of control!
recorded September 10
RMC # 190|RMC #091

Dan Ross comes back for the last show of the first year. This man has written for a hit album and shows why. He didn't want to stay for he second half, so this is what we've got. He's a true pro with an amazing command of his intrument and of songwriting.
recorded September 3
Part 1

Unity Music Collective walks their talk. Micheal Wall, Andrew Justica, and Jeff Kirsch bring their messages of peace and rock the house. These are men with a mission. This is street culture for anyone who seeks change. MySpace.com/UnityMusicCollective
recorded August 27
Part 1|Part 2

Macforce invited the Circus to their customer appreciation day. Interviews with Macforce and Portland Music heavies. Hope you don't mind less music and more geek talk. Please go to MacForce.com
recorded August 19
Part 1

Lincoln Crockett has a voice like wind in the hills. There's honesty, vulnerability, and an edge of loss in these modern bluegrass-tinged tunes. Excellent mandolin and guitar playing only highlight the spiritual edge of his singing. LincolnCrockett.com
recorded August 13
Part 1|Part 2

Jessica Rose's appearance has started a genuine buzz. Contemporary style, quicksilver delivery, jazzy guitar playing and provocative lyrics showcase the her many talents. The live show crackled with her sensual energy. myspace.com/jessirosemusic
recorded August 6
Part 1|Part 2

Michael McCabe plays instrumental guitar with classical themes. On a Light's Out compilation by local radio station KINK, and much in demand, he plays with spider's hands his meticulous compositions. MichaelMcCabeguitarist.com
recorded July 30
Part 1|Part 2

Jim Wylie came to the Circus on the hottest day of the year so far. This is a legitimate folkie. His sixty's sound is part of every current singer songwriter's roots. Beautiful finger style gutar playing and a classic voice frame lovely songs
recorded July 23
Part 1|Part 2

RoseDrop Media Circus Retrospective. Part 1 features songs from Steve Kerin, Brent Rogers, a live song by Mark Lynch sung by Dan and Aaron, and and after show vocal jam outtake on a gospel song by Juliet Wyers. In the second half of this retrospective Dan talks about previous shows, Aaron sings an original acoustic song and we end with a miracle song from the show with Paul Koenig. Wanna know what we think this podcast is about? Listen to this one.
recorded July 16
Part 1|Part 2

Skyler Corbett of The Jesus Candy gives us his unique take on progressive pop. Sky is the songwriter for his new band . His influences include Tom Waits and King Crimson. He sings of love and politics and had Aaron and Dan play on a composition. We really enjoyed him. SkyCorbett.com and MySpace.com/thejesuscandy
recorded July 9
Part 1|Part 2

BroadArts Theater returns with excepts from the new play, If I Were Queen of This Forest Melinda Pittman introduces cast members, outlines the premise, explains the grant that finances the play. This podcast features live performances of songs from the play. People's theater. Dig it! BroadArts.org
recorded June 25.
Part 1|Part 2

The Hallelujah Chorus sang the songs of Andi Otness. These are deft, insightful, and honest comedy songs that speak of human failings with side splitting cleverness. Excepts from the album Aunt Ethel's Dirty Little Ditties are featured with commentary from the composer. Available from RoseDropMedia.com
recorded June 18
Part 1|Part 2

Sandpeople is a NW hiphop crew with 10 different rappers. Almost all are featured here as the MCs rap live to clean and inventive tracks. Out of all the Sandpeople projects, tonight features IME and Debaser along with tracks from the Sandpeople compilation album. Sandpeoplemusic.com
recorded June 11
Part 1|Part 2

Wolfpakk featuring Cache and Illizm bring the Circus our first hiphop. Our guests perform live over tracks, and discuss hiphop culture and history, their roots, influences and North"WET" music industry realities. myspace.com/Illizm myspace.com/httpwwwmyspacecomcacheftthewolfpakk
recorded June 4
Part 1|Part 2

Dan Ross is the legendary Portland steel guitar player for for local fan favorites Sand back in the heyday of the local music scene. After working with the back up band for John Couger Mellencamp, Dan brings cuts from his latest album The Illusion. This is a grab bag of textures old and new. See RoseDropMedia for contact info
recorded May 28
Part 1|Part 2

We had a talk with some of our previous guests: Lew Jones, Michael Sean Cummins, and Bernardo Gomez. A little history of the show, some pontificating, some of our favorite live recordings and a discussion of where we are going. RoseDropMedia.com
r ecorded May 21
Part 1|
Part 2

Paul Koenig is a complete singer/songwriter. Beautiful melodies, a warm and familiar voice, and gorgeous emotional lyrics. I want people to hear this material and the subtle heartfelt honesty with which it is delivered. MySpace.com/PaulCoen
recorded May 14
Part 1|Part 2

Cicada Omega defies categorization. Trance blues, primative drum circle, jazz abandon, and soul shout, all exist in this refreshingly original and joyful mix. Found objects, practical art, and brilliant improvisation are just starting points. Like nothing we have ever heard. Cicadaomega.com myspace.com/cicadaomega
recorded May 7
Part 1|Part 2

Brent Rogers plays beautiful guitar and has a wonderful romantic voice. Well crafted songs get the full professional treament. This is a producer's sound from a well connected local producer. With recordings from his upcoming album, we were treated to some widely varied and layered pieces. BrentRogers.com
recorded April 30
Part 1|Part 2

Steve Kerin had a masters degree in classical piano when he discovered a collection of transcriptions of Dr. John classic piano solos. He is a true student of the style, and the playing is complex and dense. His voice has the required gruff quality for his New Orleans style piano songs. There are other treasures in the show. We are honored to present this recent transplant from the Louisiana to Portland. You will want to see him live. myspace.com/SteveKerinPiano
recorded April 23
Part 1|Part 2

Taylor Horton is a protege' of Angie Foster of Highwire. This is an unfolding talent; delicate, expressive, self-conscious, and tremulous. The songs express emotions that are new to her and will never again be as pure. This is not without muscle as she has put plenty of hard work into her chosen craft, but it is also a rare opportunity to hear someone in the first blush of her performing career. Link to her from AngieFoster.com
Part 1|Part 2

Marvin (aka: SpeedLimit) Gershowitz plays forlorn Texas laments. This is a genuinely nice veteran songwriter and producer from Austin. He has a full gig schedule and is a good bet for a night of intimate authentic country tinged entertainment. myspace.com/speedlimitamptheviolations
Part 1|Part 2

Jay Russo sings songs of labor and freedom. His influences are two parts Woody Guthrie, one part Hank Williams and generous portion of recordings from the band General Strike. Jim Cook joins on stand-up bass and vocals. These are the guys at the demonstrations leading the chorus of familiar peace and justice anthems. Phil Ochs, my hero, would be proud to stand with them. GeneralStrikeband.com
recorded 04/02/06
Part 1| Part 2

Beltaine's dual hammer dulcimer and guitar arrangements are authentic and innovative. In the finest tradition of mixing respect for the classic melodies and rhythms with the joy of living musicianship, John Keys, Kris Chase and Brian Baker transport the listener to another time and place. Featuring music from their new album String Fling, John adds flute and Kris adds mountain dulcimer and marimbola. Get your fling on. Beltainemusic.com
recorded 03/26/06
Part 1| Part 2

For a listing of all the shows see Archives and Media

Already recorded and soon to be posted:

Traci Klas


Bill Wagner


Joe DeMartino AKA Luigi DiPrima

Larry Hutchinson

Marc Rose

Alexa Wiley

Martin J. Gallagher

Brian A. White AKA Ansel Gasparini

Ramblin' Jaks

Wayne Richards

Jesus Candy

Beth Willis

Lou and Anthony

Chapman Swifts

The Shivas

Mo Phillips



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